The Sacred Slut

Me. I am TOSTB...
I am the Velvet Elvis above the Rosaries, the Lobster Claw in the trash, Sunset trailer park I see the lights and the devil go down on Georgia.

Anonymous said: toasty can you hear me? where did you go? don't leave me :'(

i see you

Anonymous said: You seem real sad r u gonna commit? Don't leave me mamma


Anonymous said: omg toasty u deleted ur personal? :((((


Anonymous said: Your sad face tweet


Anonymous said: What's wrong Tost?


Anonymous said: nicki minaj is so great I love her laugh in andaconda and bang bang :)


Anonymous said: Ariana's look is so awkward, you can tell she's trying to look more mature and sexy but she still has that childlike air about it with the ponytails and just her attitude. it's like she's emulating a sexed up tween hooker and it's creepy af

i agree tho

Anonymous said: when it comes to lana's lolita look, it works for her. she's older, but she looks young and sexy. but ariana just looks like a baby

sorry is ariana trying for a lolita look or something?

Anonymous said: Lana has the Lolita look down pat. Ariana should take notes tbh


Anonymous said: Mom